I take each day as it comes, enjoy every moment and live it as if is my last day on earth.. for life is indeed ''too short and precious'' to let it go by on things that aren't important to me. I know what I want and I am not afraid at all to go after it and do whatever it takes in order to have it and make it come true.. for in life EVERYTHING that you want to have is a total and constant fight. You gotta fight for it in order to have it and this I believe, applies to ANYTHING at all.. love, money, etc. I am a strong believer in LOVE.. that you can have ANYTHING at all in life, but if you don't have LOVE.. you got NOTHING.. It's so true indeed. I am driven by all the things that I LOVE.. woman, work and by Life itself. And I love LIFE so much and all the things in it that are important to me. I believe, that Life is how we make it and we ourselves are in the driving seat of our own destiny, for (we and us alone) are responsable for what happens in it for most part and that all things are possible, if you truly believe in them with all your heart and might. So hold on onto your dreams till the very end... and they will come true for you indeed, if you believe.

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