I now live in Denver Colorado. Single, but not looking per-se. I've been into photography for awhile. I shoot mostly digital now. But I still break out my 35mm Pentax MX from time to time. I have shot a lot of slides with it since 82, so I bought a slide scanner to convert them to digital.

I joined the Sony Alpha nation and bought a Sony Alpha 350 DSLR. I'm looking forward to the advantages of digital and the functionality of a SLR combined.

Please check out my photo web site where I have select photos available for purchase with a large variety of print and framing options through Fine Art America. If there is a photo here that is not seen on the web site, contact me and I will gladly make it available there for you.



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I have a Fuji HS50EXR (a bridge superzoom camera) on order. I'm giving up the DSLR to a less expensive and lighter solution. And it has a built in manual zoom lens with a range of 24-1000.

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An excellent photographer and a great helping hand. I learnt a lot from his guidance in this field.

August 27, 2008