Mostly known to "push buttons" and "twiddle knobs". I like turning knobs.


Passionate about photography, memory fading fast, cameras help me remember people, places, smells, funny fashions and just cool stuff.


Amazing amounts of inspiration found from all of you "flickrites". Lots of thanks to you all especially to my contacts for ideas and motivation. If you're out in the wild and I point my lens at you, just like Bruce Gilden, I consider you fascinating and my friend.






My street photography can be seen here:




Getty Images Creative Assignments Contributor


splash1 (by [ValCo])


David Valera Photography Los Angeles/Pasadena


20090114123405 (by [ValCo])


Little Windows Brilliant Photo Jewelry

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Iam blessed to have David as a contact, he has been very helpful in helping me when due to a password issue I was unable to log on to flickr. He is the nicest person and everyday I look forward to seeing what he will post next, (which always makes me smile.)he is the BEST!

December 26, 2006