Update 11/4/18: I have so enjoyed Flickr as a place to share my work and enjoy others' for several years. With the new "rules" going into place, I am sorry I had to remove several images to stay below the new 1000 photo limit for the free accounts. I am only here for fun and have no need to store images online. If you have faved some of the photos that have been removed and will be in the future (in order to stay within the new limits), I apologize. I will continue to post, but probably not as much due to the new constraints. Thanks to all my Flickr friends and fans! --Deb


Digital and traditional artist and photographer living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I spent most of my career as a portrait photographer, but now I prefer nature photography, with birds as a favorite. I love artistic manipulations of photos and have several apps, but prefer those by JixiPix.


I belong to several groups, but find myself gravitating to just a few favorites as it is so time consuming. I don't like to just dump a photo into a group and not make comments, so I pick and choose what photo goes where.


Thanks to all who visit my photostream! Your comments and awards are always welcome, but if you only have time to "Fave" an image, no problem. I know it can take a lot of time to comment on everything. If you enjoy my work, that is all that counts!

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