Amsterdam. Texel. Bike. Fiets. Theatre. Theatrelife. Life is Theatre. Bikelife.

Pictures from & around my life. Trying to take better ones every day.

Gear: Nikon FM. Nikkor 50/1.4. Leica M4P, M6TTL 0.58 & 240. Cron35v4. Cron35AsphF2. Elmarit28mmAsph2.8. FujiX100s. Panasonic DMC LX7. Canon G7. iPhone4s.

I once had a Leica IIIf with a Summitar 5 cm. 1954. My father gave it to me in 1970. My birthday. His old Leica. I photographed with fervor. That Leica was stolen from my house in Amsterdam in 1988. In 1990 I inherited my father's Nikon FM with Nikkor 50/1.4. That camera went on a cycling holidays without any protection in the handlebar bag. It still works.

I always missed the Leica. Small and handy. The Nikon was too big.

I slowly lost interest in photography. It came back when I bought a digital Canon G7. I always carried it with me. After my mother's death in 2013, I found an almost unused Leica M4P with three lenses in her house. Cron 35 and 50 versions 4 and Elmarit 85.

I replaced the Canon in 2014, after reading an article in the newspaper, for a Leica-ish Fuji X100s. My interest and pleasure in photography was completely back!

A year later I bought an M240 body and photographed almost exclusively with the Cron35v4. The best thing I ever did. In January 2018, he exchanged the two old objectives for a new Cron35Asph. I loved the Cron35v4, so I kept it. Half year later I bought an M6TTL body. It felt like the IIIf. I'm back on track!

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