My photography is a reflection of the way I see the world.


I see beauty, I see amazing fleeting moments that I try to capture forever and share. Sometimes it all lasts a second or too and it is gone. It is important to be on the right spot at the right time.


You can walk the same road every day but believe me, everyday it looks different. I always aim for those little differences and small details that normally people miss and don’t look at. It is like going at slow speed in a world that is going so fast there is no time left to pause and look around us.


I am always soaking in my surroundings when I walk, admiring the leaves flattering in the wind, the flowers heavy with dew, the magnificent aroma in the air, reflecting every little detail on my way.

That is what my photos are all about, capturing details in a world going so fast it’s moving in a blur.


My goal is to capture and reflect into my work the uniqueness of this region, the nature, the landscape, the people in the cities and villages, the lovely animals in the fields and the forests. The tiny droplets of rain in the grass, the slow motion photography taken in the twilight ours, the early morning world so beautiful and crisp while everyone else is still sleeping. I want to show you the world the way I see it.


Because the it is beautiful, unique and priceless and so is the Heart of Connemara.




Looking at the coming rain


Even closer


In a Dream




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Dynamic Eye (deleted)

Vratsagirl is a marvelous photographer and her photo stream has some amazing images. Well worth an extended visit!

October 30, 2005