Two teenagers!


Please do not use my photos without permission. Full sized and Raw versions are usually available by either contacting me or through Getty by arrangement.


Sadly lost my beloved border collie, Pepper , but now have two mischievous , hyperactive Bengal cats and a Jack a very lively Jack a Poo since Oct 15 who is one wild puppy indeed!


Love photography! - Both Viewing others photos and sharing.! That's why I enjoy joining in Flickr Challenge Groups - Why not give them a try - Always good fun!


I love travel too which is one reason why Flickr is great - I can see photos from around the world instantly. I have made great friends through Flickr and learning all the time so always inspired by others photos! I am also really honoured that I have now had several photos selected for Flickr Explore.


I particularly enjoy Flickr photo competitions. To me it is not about winning. I know that others are seeing my photos and so the photos are not invisible in my hard drive/ album in the junk cupboard. I get feedback and my standards of what makes a good photograph are higher all of the time due to the excellent and also ever increasing standards of others.


Whilst I am pleased that I am improving and being challenged , I enjoy seeing the journey of others too and some are like pen friends. We share our journey, our images and insights into our lives across different cultures.


What could be better - A picture speaks a thousand words.


Since Oct 15, I have been posting a very different type of picture which is a snapshot within my adventures in 2L. These are not everyones cup of tea so it would be nice to seperate the two but this is not yet possible on Flickr. This is a great fun place to chill, and just explore great worlds created by talented people. I just enjoy visiting the many (safe) worlds on 2L, and not partaking in lots of strange adult worlds - Yeah (call me old fashioned)!


Hoping that if you have read this, you are enjoying my pictures.


Enjoy Flickr xx

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