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National Library of New Zealand

National Library of New Zealand - New Zealand

930 items | view National Library of New Zealand's profile

National Science and Media Museum

National Science and Media Museum - UK

449 items | view National Science and Media Museum's profile

National Museum of Denmark

National Museum of Denmark - Denmark

438 items | view National Museum of Denmark's profile


Nationalmuseet - National Museum of Denmark - Denmark

1033 items | view Nationalmuseet's profile

Nationalmuseum Stockholm

Nationalmuseum Stockholm - Stockholm, Sweden

343 items | view Nationalmuseum Stockholm's profile

North Carolina Digital Heritage Center

Chapel Hill, NC

745 items | view North Carolina Digital Heritage Center's profile

State Archives of North Carolina

State Archives of North Carolina Raleigh, NC

112061 items | view State Archives of North Carolina's profile

Nova Scotia Archives

Nova Scotia Archives - Canada

1396 items | view Nova Scotia Archives' profile

Oshawa Public Libraries - Local History

Oshawa, Canada

320 items | view Oshawa Public Libraries - Local History's profile


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9 items | view pamaarchives' profile


3 items | view porsche924s' profile

Port Hope Archives

Port Hope Archives - Canada

1467 items | view Port Hope Archives' profile

Provincial Archives of Alberta

Provincial Archives of Alberta

1871 items | view Provincial Archives of Alberta's profile

Seattle Municipal Archives

Seattle Municipal Archives - Seattle, WA

3985 items | view Seattle Municipal Archives' profile

Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution - United States

3486 items | view Smithsonian Institution's profile

W&M Libraries

W&M Libraries - Williamsburg, VA, USA

5007 items | view W&M Libraries' profile

Stadtarchiv Speyer

5068 items | view Stadtarchiv Speyer's profile

State Library and Archives of Florida

Florida Memory

5020 items | view State Library and Archives of Florida's profile

State Library of NSW

State Library of New South Wales - Australia

4392 items | view State Library of NSW's profile

State Library Victoria Collections

Melbourne, Australia

3000 items | view State Library Victoria Collections' profile

NSW State Archives and Records

NSW State Archives - Australia

3803 items | view NSW State Archives and Records' profile

Rigsarkivet - Danish National Archives

4177 items | view Rigsarkivet - Danish National Archives' profile

Swedish National Heritage Board

Swedish National Heritage Board - Riksantikvarieämbetet - Sweden

2019 items | view Swedish National Heritage Board's profile


The Frederiks Vaerk Museum of Industry - Frederiksvaerk, Denmark

11854 items | view Indmus' profile

The Library of Congress

Washington, DC, United States

39672 items | view The Library of Congress' profile

The National Archives of Malta


1020 items | view The National Archives of Malta's profile

The National Archives UK

58 items | view The National Archives UK's profile

Toronto History

Toronto, Canada

2117 items | view Toronto History's profile

Trish Short Lewis

Trish Short Lewis - Thief River Falls, MN, USA

2483 items | view her profile

Trondheim byarkiv

Municipal Archives of Trondheim - Trondheim, Norway

11709 items | view Trondheim byarkiv's profile

UniOfWestminsterArch ives

1001 items | view UniOfWestminsterArchives' profile

University of Delaware Library

516 items | view University of Delaware Library's profile


broadcasting collaborative content

64 items | view W5RAN's profile

Whitby Archives

132 items | view Whitby Archives' profile

Wrecksdale Wreck

Brian Westhouse - City of Rexdale (part of Toronto), Canada

824 items | view his profile


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