A retired photographer and commercial graphic artist who has many years of experience in video, film, video games and software development as a publisher, an art director and visual arts studio coordinator.


Currently specializing in 360 degree spherical imagery and photo art. Please contact me if you would like additional information about a specific photo, video or technique. NOTE: Spherical, surround imagery may not currently display properly on mobile devices and are best seen on a computer screen.


People ask, "How did you shoot that Tiny Planet?" I say, "I simultaneously shot it with two 180º wide angle lenses. The camera then stitched the two images together into a 360º panoramic scene." With a little post production editing, both stills and video can become interactive allowing the imagery to become visible in a spherical 360º space. See some of my interactive 360º videos at Youtube.com/Digiflier


"No artist tolerates reality."

Friedrich Nietzsche


Be sure to checkout my Albums as well as the Galleries to see some of my favorite Flickr member's photos. flic.kr/y/3nMBmwy

Please feel free to contact me for your location or event coverage.

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