What follows is Dizzy 'tiptoe' Kiyori's visual diary of the continuing misadventures and related shenanigans of she and her friends in Second Life, or...




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Dizzy's photo's always make me smile. She's like this really cool little friend you have that's always the life of the party. Her photo's sparkle and shine just like she does! Thank you Dizzy for all your smiles. Keep snapping and cracking! xx

November 26, 2019
Niobe Nyx says:

I am blessed to have crossed paths with this beautiful, kind soul... with an amazing eye to catch lights, shapes and forms with her camera. Thank you Diz for being such a pleasure to be around and your kind words always‚ô•

September 14, 2018

Such an amazing artist and use of color and depth always beautiful and lively truly an incredible artist to follow on flickr

July 15, 2018

Sensational creativity ~ so love all your art and mostly how you shine through it ~ you are a pleasure to know and kind to all ~ kindest regards your friend Amber

March 12, 2018