Hello there, I am Dominic 😊


I live in County Durham in North East England.


I have an interest in photography and image editing including using applications such as Adobe Photoshop. I like to explore the image and see what I can do with it, some images I do very little to while others I will enhance or manipulate until I am happy with the results; I am an artist so some of my work may look quite surreal or abstract.


I have an interest in Meteorology; I love storms and clouds. Weather can aid in creating wonderful dramatic photography.


I also love wildlife, birds and being out in the countryside or at the coast with my camera at hand. I am a post 16 lecturer of ICT and Digital Photography and also a learning technologist.

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  • JoinedNovember 2006
  • OccupationTutor for Durham County Council
  • HometownPeterlee


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Dominic is a very good teacher. I took an IT class he was teaching, and was very pleased with every class.

August 23, 2014