I am an artist and I live in London.

Generally I use my hands, my mind and my heart to create my work and not a computer.


In 2008 I learned about Second Life and virtual building. I have chosen to use this space not to show my real life work but instead to show my progression within a world and an art form that was completely alien to me.


I started creating my own virtual builds, striving to achieve the virtual equivalent of how I compose in real life.

I also wanted to be able to treat the Second Life camera as a substitute and extension of the human eye, by purposely not manipulating any of my screenshots when making my images, and thus abandoning the use of photoshop.


This is a much harder task to accomplish and consequently the results very often produce a variety of inevitable flaws and problems. I am constantly experimenting and trying to create new techniques and ideas to be able to overcome this. I find it very challenging to be able to capture a good quality raw screenshot, rather than to create a completely new image by manipulating an existing one. It takes a very keen eye, precision and a lot of patience, bearing in mind that I am very limited with regards to control and the obstacles I am faced with are never ending.This is especially true when trying to capture my subjects in motion.


I build my own props, sets, clothing and animations to create virtual stories and I also build all my special effects.. The images may be planned or unplanned and there are no set themes or rules.

All of my snapshots are unprocessed and have not been put through photoshop or any other editing program to alter them in any way. I may at most, have put a border around them or added my name.What you see is purely what I have built in a virtual environment.


In Second Life art is all around. Those artists who have created landscapes, clothing, animations or anything else that you occasionally see in my images also deserve to be seen and mentioned. More often than not, they do not get any recognition at all. I have an immense respect and admiration for all of them and I feel very strongly about altering their own artistic creations.


Therefore, I would like to add a very big thank you to all the artists and creators whose beautiful work has appeared in my images It is both an honour and a privilege to have shared their work with them within my own. I have paid tribute to them all in here along with all the people who have been a great source of inspiration to me through their own creativity whatever medium or form, throughout my life.

(Please see the information provided which each image).


I would also like to express my sincerest thanks and gratitude, to all the people who have dedicated their time, instruction,direction and kindness in order for me to be able to achieve this.

If nothing else, I sincerely hope that I have managed to encourage at least a few people who have no image manipulation skills, to use what is readily available to them in - world, so that they too can produce their own beautiful creations.


So, there it is, lots of building, no photoshop and let`s just see what a plain old Second Life camera can do!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your visit and for all your support.
































A special thank you to Armon Aeon, Alpha Auer (Elif Ayiter), NaTaLie (Sheri), SeleneLily and Blue_Carillon .A big thank you also to Harper Ganesvoort and Cajsa Lillihook for the kind reviews.

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Imaginative, creative and so skilled mixed with beauty, kindness and gentleness. Doni has the ability to create magic without ever editing a shot. Every piece of art comes with a story and often, wonderful childhood memories. I was blessed when I stumbled upon her stream for now I call her friend.

June 7, 2011