A photostream dedicated to e-codices Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland, curated by Rromir Imami - Digital Media and Communications professional for Cultural Heritage with passion to bring manuscript culture closer to wider audiences.


About e-codices


e-codices Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland is a Project coordinated by the Medieval Institute of the University of Fribourg, in Fribourg, Switzerland. Its primary goal, as stated on the e-codices web site, is: to provide access to all medieval and selected early modern manuscripts of Switzerland via a virtual library.


Currently, the virtual library of e-codices contains 1500 manuscripts from 63 different libraries and collections with a plan for digitization of all Swiss medieval manuscripts which are estimated to be around 7000 units.


Why is e-codices on Flickr?


The idea of e-codices on Flickr was initiated in February 2012 as a part of the internship activities of Rromir Imami `s thesis dissertation work and it is designed to fulfill the following goals:


Overall dissertation goals:

- To develop and implement a technology enhanced communication model for

bringing manuscript culture closer to the ordinary public.

- To draw general and specific recommendations for the future work in this field.


e-codices goals:

-To disseminate manuscript culture to a wider public.

-To provide examples of adequate presentation and citation of manuscripts via social media (Flickr), through information about the importance of proper image/source quoting.

-To broaden the audience and increase the visibility of the e-codices Project.


Constructive suggestions for improving e-codices presentation on Flickr are welcomed. Please do not hesitate to write a line or two if you have a good idea to share.



Rromir Imami

MSc in Communication, Major in Technology-Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland







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Curved Air (deleted)

J'aime beaucoup ce travail sur la période médiévale. Beaucoup de variétés aussi bien sur le plan littéraire, que sur le plan pictural et musical. Merci. Thierry. G

March 19, 2015