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I am a graphic designer by profession and I love my job,

but photography is my true passion.

cooking is one of the other things I enjoy doing most.

I LOVE reading.

I was born and raised in Europe.

my husband says I'm wise.

I learn every day.

flickr is both a blessing and a curse for me - I learned so much, but sometimes it can take me from other things... trying to find the balance...


I am a wife, a mom, God's growing kid, and truly loving it all.


all shots taken with

Canon 40D, with 50mm 1.4, Natural light

*well, just got the 100mm 2.8 so that is not going to be the case anymore - macro world here I come :))


wish list

tilt shift lens

50mm 1.2

24-70Lmm 2.8

100mm 2.8

a few workshops :) (NVan, a newborn one and Red Leaf)

and the 5D mkII, for later on


photography blog :: www.elenawilkenblog.com


EW Couture Collection :: monthly freebies starting Jan '10





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  • JoinedMay 2008
  • Occupationgraphic designer & photographer
  • HometownCluj-Napoca, Romania (Transilvania)
  • Current cityPortland, OR
  • CountryU.S.
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Elena's work is simply put ... Elegant.. there is something so rich and dreamy about her images.. She is truly a very talented artist.. I always enjoy stopping by her steam for a look see.. I find it to be eye candy and also inspires me to be better..

December 17, 2009

Elena is simply stunning photographer!! She knows how to capture the esence and soul in her subjects. She is so versatile and i love that. Her post processing is so elegant and unique!! You are fantastic Elena!!! Love your work a lot!!!! gordana

September 1, 2009

Elena's photographs never cease to amaze me. She has such a wonderful eye for composition, a true sense of vivid color, and a talent for capturing honest moments.

July 10, 2009

Elena is a talent beyond words. Her use of colour and texture never cease to amaze me. I LOOOOVE visiting her stream and blog and just can't eat up enough of this girl's work. Really well done. :)

March 31, 2009