Hardy greetings and salutations fellow flickr’s and guests. Ah, the joy of photography, I guess there was a Kodak book by that name, LOL.


Simply put I enjoy capturing the process, the action, the capturing of the decisive moment, the vision, heck I enjoy what I consider the journey and adventure of photography period plain and simple. Thanks for stopping by my photostream; a visual record of that journey! Your visit is much appreciated, ya'll come back now. Seriously however, a bit about me or who/what this dude is.......


Eugene by Themarrero

At 2013 Five Boro Bike Tour Rest Stop Brooklyn NY Waterfront


I’m a slightly past middle age single dad who suffers from moderate (sometimes severe to be honest) asthma and ADHD, professional clinical laboratorian/IT professional by trade, having worked as clinical microbiologist and a clinical cytogeneticist and information technology specialist over the past 30 years working out of New Jersey. In addition to my passion for photography, I am blessed with my beloved children (3; girl-boy-girl)/family and my loveable canines (2;two male mixed breeds). I thoroughly enjoy bicycling (road bike), shooting hoops (power forward), am avid sports fan (Yankees, Giants, Nets and the Devils), enjoy the study of the history found in museums, books & historic/national parks, travel in general (driven as far west to Oklahoma, as far north to Montreal and as far south to Key West Florida; flown further west and south too), enjoy reading, enjoy listening and performing music (sing & play saxophone & a few musical instruments), love camping in the outdoors and helping those in need by volunteering and outreach activities.



I’ve began this journey and adventure of photography well over 37 years ago. Actually only migrated to digital photography back in 2007, prior to that concentrating on the challenging exposure challenges of transparencies, heavy emphasis on the Kodachrome side (yes processed the last 3 rolls of Kodachrome in December of 2010 when Dwayne's shut down K-12 processing) still mourning K-chromes demise.. I have no formal training in the medium, but rather I got my start by photographing family, friends and the journeys that family and work had me embark upon. I’ve spent and continue to spend a lot of my free time learning the technical aspects of photography and experimenting. I stress…..a lot of experimenting and though I'm professionally in the Information Technology field, I'm by no means a photo techie. I'm a hands on learner, I've participated and continue to in photo workshops (a shout out to the B&H Eventspace folks, David Brommer and Debbie Gilbert), Lightroom classes, but I tend to learn more intuitively by doing, plain and simple. I've also been fortunate enough to be part of the NYC Photographers Meetup Group which has allowed me to be exposed to a facinating and brilliant group of photographers who go on exploring and photographing the wonders of this New York Metropolitan Area. And though I miss the unique pallets of Kodachrome, I've come to really appreciate the positive side of the digital photography world, the instant feedback, letting you know yes, that exposure you guessed, you guessed wrong, whereas with beloved film, a lot of times you had already left before you realized whoops, if not when you picked up that little yellow Kodak box of mounted slides, pulled out that 8X Agfa loupe and then..... it was doggone it, when am I going to get out there again.


Acadia National Park Maine by Themarrero

With sweet Rocky in Acadia National Park Maine at precipice of Mount Cadillac


So do I have a prefered subject matter do I shoot? Hmm, the truth is really....anything is fair game however you will find that the great number of postings reflect urban landscapes, existing light photography and architecture in general. There are also various still lifes, portraits, macros….etc.. Themarrero photostream most certainly reflects the variety in my somewhat unorganized brain (ADHD), no rhyme or reason sometimes. Perhaps one day I'll put together something more organized...a portfolio?....who knows. Definitely have a fascination of big iron horses/trains, sentinels of the sea/lighthouses and God's creatures/ look for those too.


In that vain I love this quote from photographer Bill Brandt: "I am not interested in rules or conventions. Photography is not a sport. "


My photography is a way of expressing my view of the world around me..seizing that moment. I capture snapshots just like everyone else, my kids, my folks, my dogs and even myself with wonderful contraptions like my IPhone 7 and compacts, but photographs that I actually give thought to, formulate and ponder about, take the time to do post processing well there's something that they say to me, touch me and hopefully to you as well. Part of the purpose of these online galleries is the ability to allow visitors to come along on my journeys much as I travel along in the fabulous work of fellow flickr’ers. I earnestly welcome my fellow flickr’ers comments, critiques and favorites….I’m constantly amazed, truly awed and draw marvelous inspiration by the masterful work I see on flickr. A truly amazing community that I enjoy being a part of.



My sweet always playful pup Rocky


Well if you've been kind enough to stop by my photostream here on flickr you've probably noticed that there are more than a few images of New York City, the urban landscapes it encompasses. Well there's a perfectly logical reason, I reside only 12 miles away from the greatest city in the world and there such a wealth of stories and images to seek, explore and capture there. So I spend much of my free time, camera in hand walking, moving about via the underground world of the MTA Subway or PATH , MTA environmentally friendly buses in the busy streets, yellow cabs, Eugene-powered bicycle or trusty Subaru-powered automobile throughout this amazing metropolis. And yes, I've been bitten by the Uber bug, it is convenient, reasonably priced and unlike yellow cabs, will pick you up anywhere when the weather or health dictate it.



So what you see on my photostream may be familiar or perhaps not as I delve to uncover the many mysteries & histories of New York City from my unique point of view. New York has a unique history in regards to itself and this nation. The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle here. The British occupied New York throughout the Revolutionary War keeping the colonist in New Jersey. First President George Washington, Secretaries Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson ran the fledgling nation from here. Fellow asthmatic Teddy Roosevelt was was born on 20th street. and served as police commissioner of New York City before his tenure as the 26th President of the United States. Walt Whitman was one of the editors of the Eagle newspaper in Brooklyn. Harlem Jazz at the Cotton Club, CBGB & the punk rock scene, opera at the Metropolitan Opera House, ballet at the Koch Theater, latin music, just so many forms of music can be found here. There is always some event or something happening in the city, doesn't take much effort to find. It was and is a cradle of manufacturing and invention though a lot has become virtual these days, once the principle port for trans-Atlantic travel before air travel, the entertainment mecca of the east, compelling & passionate sports town (the only city with 9 major sports franchises, 12 if you count women's professional basketball and professional soccer) and since the birth of the nation the fulcrum of national finance. Can't say my beloved family comprehends the photo taking passion, they're always rightfully concerned with my health and well-being as age and a plethora of illnesses have manifested themselves in the last few years but understandly & lovingly allow me to plod on camera in hand as they understand the joy that picture taking brings to me.


Eugene by Themarrero

With trusty Subaru at North Arlington NJ Landfill after a storm


I enjoy and truly cherish the blessings of life, creation, the outdoors and sincerely hope you enjoy the photography. When traveling near and far, I love to do some research on my subject matter (thanks to Al Gore and internet...LOL) so I know what to look for and will attempt to share what I find interesting in my descriptions, so if you are curious about the images, please read the descriptions. Is all I put down completely verified? Absolutely not, I will for the most part take word of mouth of locals and in National and State Parks the park rangers or guides. I am not a recorder, so I can make mistakes and I really appreciate when someone corrects something I may mis-state or incorrectly identify as I do strive for accuracy. I also will on many occasion introduce personal opinions & experiences, notes or observations on varying subject matter which I gladly share, all the more reason to read the descriptions.


I found this this is a cool application for viewing my photos called Fluidr which displays the image with the description to the right in case you would like to read those descriptions in an easier format, click on this link to view my photostream


My philosophy is simply that life is a journey, and only God knows where it will lead. We tend to think we can control things, but in the end, the good Lord is only one who knows where we'll ultimately end up. So be of good spirits and make the most of life's journey. Photographs like memories are but snapshots of life. Contained on these pages are snippets or stories of my life journey. We all have things that don't go the way we plan, a marriage that didn't last forever, poor choices, but I've learned to be grateful for the wonderful things God has given me, my beloved offspring with their totally different personalities, my doggies, my dear siblings and family, my career though I'd be the first to admit, had no idea when I left school the career journey I'd be embarking upon, the wonderful memories and yes with that all the photography that's gone along with these.


Mr Snuggles by Themarrero

The sassy grandpup Mr Snuggles


What are the tools? Well, skills develop with use, hands on as previously stated, but cut teeth with a basic manual focus SLR. Very little of the equipment has been purchased new, very little. Used online, retail establishments and camera shows though those seem to be a dying breed especially up here in the New York City metro area. DSLR's are Olympus FourThirds E-5 and E-510, Nikon J1 mirrorless, Panasonic Lumix FZ50 bridge with Leica Lens and several point and shoots, Fuji, Nikon, Panasonic and a pair of Olympus. Film equipment is mainly Minolta manual focus X-700 35 mm SLR, Minolta manual focus X570 35 mm SLR, Minolta manual focus XD-11 35 mm SLR shooting transparencies for the most part or black white negatives which are then scanned with a Plustek scanner. Also a Yashica Mat-124G twin reflex 2 1/4 same media transparencies and B&W negatives which are scanned on an Epson scanner. Software? Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Lightroom, Photomatix and Silverfast; none the newest version BTW. This doesn't mean I'm an ardent follower Ken Rockwell of "Your camera doesn't matter" fame, but if you cut through his rhetoric and sarcasm, his underlying point is quite valid good photographers take good photographs, the camera is merely the means to the end. When I add a new photographic tool or weapon to the arsenal which as a working single parent isn’t too often; I will spend months using it, learning its strengths and weak points. Sometimes however it is just having the right circumstances to use a particular lens, you can't really force the issue, just be patient for that...aha!..need that a fisheye...wait, I have one...let's put it to use. Let's face it, modern electronic foto equipment has so many layers of menus, it can take years to master. The underlying principals of exposure and framing are the same regardless of equipment, I’m not sure I’ll learn everything on my Olympus E-5 and that’s perfectly fine its purpose is to take pictures and that I can do. Me thinks that you need to be comfortable with your tools, so you can concentrate on capturing the photo that you see in your mind....well too much philosophy for a profile. However the crux of the matter is you don't need to mortgage your life or starve your offspring and canines to have the latest and greatest (if you can afford it, that’s cool) just get your hands on a solid camera and some good glass/lenses. The knowledge that learned over the years is still valid in a digital world, understanding light and techniques so after you got tools, use 'em, master 'em.


George Eastman said "Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography."


View my photos at


Where ever I venture I take this quote to heart and hope my fellow photographers do too as particularly here in industrialized northeast United States, especially the New Jersey Meadowlands pollution abounds as New Jersey was one of those hot zones in the industrial revolution which means that rivers like the Passaic and the Hackensack which feed into the meadows had over 100 years of polluting before anything was done:

"Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints."


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If you follow me and I don’t immediately reciprocate, I may still be in the process of adding you, don’t be offended please. I have a method to my madness to allow me to get to a good place where I can view and comment a group that interacts with me.


All photos are protected under Creative Commons copyright. You may copy and use any of my photos on this blog as long as: you give me credit, you don’t use the photo for commercial gain and you don’t make derivative works from my photography. If you have questions, comments, recommendations, complaints, would like to use one of my photos, you want to invite me to a group, I've incorrectly identified some subject or date or you just feel like chatting (that's OK too) then contact me via Flickrmail and I promise you, you will get a response back from yours truly.


Heck let me extend this offer to my fellow Flickr’ers, if you are in the New York City Metropolitan area, would like some directions, some company while you explore, need a guide or would just like to sit down for a cup of java use Flickrmail.


Happy shooting and y'all come back now!!




Bloomfield NJ on the road


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