Please note that you must be over 21 to view my photos. They contain adult themes and full frontal nudity including close up photos of my flaccid and erect penis


I also need to add that many of my photos have been edited with Photoscape, especially the ones that are video freeze frames, I use this 'free' software to straighten, sharpen my pics and remove dark shadows. I have also used to it remove some unwanted blemishes too. However I do not endorse any software that enhances a more youthful or beautiful appearance unless it's purely for fun and clearly mentioned in the description box


Hi Everyone and welcome


I'm Felicity and I'm a very polite chubby male to female transvestite with a tiny penis and a fat arse and I live in the East of England. I love to dress up in girly clothes and pretty lingerie and I try my best to look as fem as I can. I enjoy giving and receiving oral and receiving anal too. I am also a nudist and I enjoy being naked both as Fliss and in male form. I also like to dress as a T-girl dominatrix but please be aware that because I like to dress the part, I don't play the part so please do not be asking for me to dominate you, if I was any good at it then I'd be charging £200 an hour for my services


I am married and yes, she knows all about Fliss and her lifestyle but has no wish to be a part of it


I am free to meet up with local T-gurls and possibly admirers but please note that we'd need to have quite a bit of correspondence between us first and I don't accommodate either.. Sorry


Most of my photos are only available to Friends and Family although there is a small selection that are public. If you wish to follow me as F&F then you'll need to have something about you on your profile and have some 'face' photos of yourself. If you want to 'favourite' my photos then you'll need to be a F&F, also please be aware that if you mass fav loads of my pics without bothering to make a comment you might just find yourself blocked especially if you've no content of your own


I always look forward to reading the lovely comments that people post regarding my photos and videos so... please keep them coming.


For anyone looking at my profile, please note that there is a link to my TvChix page and you'll find a more in depth account of what I'm looking for and what I'm not looking for


Now for the annoying bit...


Just had a reprimand from the Flickr police and I've had to pull my nude videos so you'll have to look at the photos and use your imagination


Things that make me angry on Flickr apart from that bloody bad panda


It really doesn't have to be this way but the actions of various group administrators and moderators do get me very, very vexed... As explained below... If you want to ban me from your group, have the bloody decency to tell me what evil crimes I have done to offend you...


21/07/19.... Another ban.. 'Mature Nudes'.. No reason given, no warning... Funny how the Two administers have absolutely f**k all content of their own public but like to fav plenty of other erotic pics..


Wooo!!... 2 bans within the space of 3 minutes... Some jealous little fart has been busy... Banned from "T-girl posing and Stunning transgendered ladies"... can both swivel on a spike.. It's your loss


Also banned from 'The best of French and sissy maids'... No reason given... Bollocks to them, again, their loss


15/04/19.... Hells Bells, another ban!!.... Bulging Swimsuits and Panties Group have banned me, no reason, no warning... F**k em!!


Can I just say that... If you are a group owner or administrator and you invite any of my photos or videos for your group. Don't expect me to accept if it means that I have to fill in an explanation as to why I want to join your group. It doesn't work like that.. If I have to make some sort of grovelling attempt to join a group then forget it, it's not worth joining


Also... If I find that people with virtually f*ck all content of their own start favouriting loads of my stuff without even bothering to comment, they will be blocked


So... With that, thank you for getting this far and reading my profile



Fliss xxxx

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September 7, 2021

Felicity you are a hottie chub in all the tight place. Would love to see more of you in panties. That’s my fetish. Hugs

July 29, 2020

Fliss is a gorgeous tgirl very sexy with a fabulous style of her own, she looks so sexy as a maid and lovely undies. xx

July 11, 2020
cd Nina says:

I have known Felicity for quite a long time now, in fact 95% of my dressing 'career', about 6 years, she was one of my first CD meets. Felicity is a joy to talk to, she knows a lot on a wide range of subjects, and is very interesting. As you can see she has a mind boggling array of outfits, and styles, i know which one… Read more

I have known Felicity for quite a long time now, in fact 95% of my dressing 'career', about 6 years, she was one of my first CD meets. Felicity is a joy to talk to, she knows a lot on a wide range of subjects, and is very interesting. As you can see she has a mind boggling array of outfits, and styles, i know which ones are my favourites. xxx We have met many times and had some great adventures together, I consider her to be one of my best friends. Felicity is a truly wonderful person, and i'm so glad i'm lucky enough to be considered ine of her friends. XXX

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June 30, 2020
Karen D says:

Fliss I love your pictures and thanks for sharing them with us. From your sexy legs to your gorgeous kissable lips you are a beautiful lady. Stay safe 💋💋💋💋💋

June 26, 2020
edienylon says:

I love all of the photos that Fliss is sharing with us....we enjoy the one piece swim suit stills and videos, particularly concentrating on how well she has made the crotch of the one piece swim suit look VERY feminine. She obviously enjoys being Fliss and sharing that feminine side with all of us....and we thank he… Read more

I love all of the photos that Fliss is sharing with us....we enjoy the one piece swim suit stills and videos, particularly concentrating on how well she has made the crotch of the one piece swim suit look VERY feminine. She obviously enjoys being Fliss and sharing that feminine side with all of us....and we thank her very much for sharing....she is YUMMY

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May 13, 2020
Peter says:

You look so very beautiful lady you have a lovely body loving all of your outfits very much I love to wear ladies leather clothing all the time at home I love how it feels and smells lots of love from Pete 💖💋

April 1, 2020
cut air (deleted)

Gorgeous 😊😍

March 31, 2020
glossy hydrant (deleted)

I want to deeply thank you for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of your beauty and affectionate rebel attitude that appears in your photos, it is wonderful to observe the combination of beauty, pose, attitude at the level of a muse of inspiration.

March 6, 2020
Earsplitting Science (deleted)

Hi Felicity. Followed you here from TVchix ( whitehot.) Can’t get enough of you Baby. I lust for you daily. Gorgeous woman.

February 21, 2020
Changeable Boot (deleted)

Bonjour Très belle photographies et très belle femme que vous êtes Bisous

August 26, 2019
Jamesy 22 says:

Wow you are a sexy gorgeous woman hottie gorgeous body xxx

January 9, 2020
Bumpy Fire (deleted)

Tonight I obediently stood before her, a steely look in her crystal gray-blue eyes. I knew not to move unless directed. She stripped me bare, cuffed my wrists, raised my arms and flipped the chain over the hook high up on the bed post restricting my movement. Mrs. M is never one to fool around, so to speak. There is ne… Read more

Tonight I obediently stood before her, a steely look in her crystal gray-blue eyes. I knew not to move unless directed. She stripped me bare, cuffed my wrists, raised my arms and flipped the chain over the hook high up on the bed post restricting my movement. Mrs. M is never one to fool around, so to speak. There is never any small talk. With her, it is all business all the time. She is always a woman with a mission. She is my divorcee neighbor who demands my obedience and respect. That is Mrs. M. Tonight she stood before me and moved so close her face was inches from mine. I wanted her to kiss me- it would be the first time. I could feel her breath graze my lips as her cold calculating eyes stared into mine as if she was contemplating my thoughts. Normally, I am blindfolded. Tonight was different, and I do not know why. I knew better than to ask or remind her. She began removing her clothes. First her cream silk blouse and bra, revealing her ample alabaster breasts, which are sprinkled with dark brown freckles, and, crowned by large round pink nipples- nipples that I covet, nipples which she has me lick and nibble until they are erect and ripe for pinching and pulling. Then she dropped her ankle length black skirt to the ground and revealed her skimpy silk panty, the one that struggles to cover and contain her wild black bush. I looked down and saw she was wearing 'them'- the knee high black leather 'fuck me' boots with the spiked heels. Then I knew that tonight she was hungry for something special. Tonight, she knelt before me and began by flicking my cock with her tongue, teasing the underside of my swelling head, making it bob up and down like it was attached to the end of a spring. She stopped and admired how she had made it erect, pointing straight and stiff. Next, and she did not use her hands at all, she took the very tip of her tongue and slithered it back and forth across the underside just behind my head. She looked up to at me and our eyes met. Still looking into my eyes, she opened her mouth, making that beautiful familiar "O" shape, and without breaking our gaze, slowly slid her ruby red lips over my head, gliding the shaft in, pulling taught the skin as her lips sank down along the shaft until my head hit the back of her throat. I knew she loved the power of having control over me, holding me in her mouth, determining when to let me cum. If she did this for hours I would never complain. Looking down, I watched as she brought thumb and pointer fingers to her nipple and kneaded and pinched the left one erect. Then she went to work on the other one. Her other hand slid into her panty. I could only imagine how her fingers strummed through her silky folds. I watched as the fabric conformed to the shape of the back of her ever moving hand, rippling as her fingers gently roamed, danced and fluttered within her. Her pace rapidly quickened and a sense of determination arose in the way she suckled me. Normally she has me release in her mouth. I thought tonight was going to be no different. She took me until I anointed her tongue with my salty pre-cum. Then Mrs. M pulled away. She stood up, turned around and leaned against me and teased my cock by rubbing her silk panty against it, swaying her hips side to side as it stood upright caught between her ass and my body. Then she pulled down her panties and leaned forward, placing her hands on the back of a chair properly positioned before her. Bent over, she pressed her ass against my cock. The touch of her warm skin teased me. Her hand reached between her legs, took my cock and brought it to her tight pursed bushy lips. Never before had I entered Mrs. M. She leaned back and pushed me in. As I impaled her, I experienced the ever exciting feeling of initial entry- her wet lips slowly spreading for my engorged head- a feeling that no matter how many times you do it with someone always feels glorious. She kept pushing back until I was completely within her. Her outer lips gripped at the base of my cock. I was unable to move- my hands suspended, I had no ability to derive leverage to take her. Mrs. M teased herself with her right hand and pinched her nipple with the other. She slowly manipulated herself on me, keeping our bodies pressed tight as the round of her ass pressed against me and she teased me with her pussy. I could smell her wetness and the tease became too much. I pulled at my arms wanting to break my bonds- to place my hands on her hips and savage her. I fought to restrain myself. I knew the consequence of an early release. Then it began. Slowly she rode me, assertively pressing against me, forcing my back against the bedpost behind me- deliberate but hard thrusts. "Yes, yes, yes," she steadily quipped rising towards climax- "let me feel you cum in me..." she demanded as she thrust back harder pulling my cock taught as my head was suckled by her flexing hot walls. I felt her constrict around me. Her heat suddenly washed over my cock as she pushed back and seized. All I could do was stand motionless and erupt, spewing my wanted jiz deep within her, servicing her needs. And, that was how a I had Mrs. M for the first time..... ___________________ SHE SAID Marco is employed at a firm down the hall from mine. I usually see him in the morning walking into work. He is a striking man of taller stature than me with thick black hair and a strong build whose looks always garner my attention from near and afar. One day I was having lunch in the building coffee shop. He sat at the counter next to me and introduced himself. We talked though lunch and then went our ways. Afterward we would occasionally see each other around the building and engage in the obligatory salutation or perhaps stop for a minute and chat. Nothing more ever came of it. Six months later, my divorce came through, we sold the house and I moved into a high rise condo unit. Little did I know Marco lived there too. We started running into each other in the lobby after work. Our conversations became more substantive. He seemed to have an interest in me but could never get up the nerve to ask me out. For such a good looking guy he was modest, almost shy at times, and I was surprised. That was fine by me because six months after a divorce, dating was the last thing I wanted. Nevertheless, his interest, good looks and the ever present underlying sexual tension were flattering. So, I invited him to my place for a 'neighborly' cocktail. We drank and talked for a couple of hours. After the drink took effect and inhibitions faded he loosened up and nonchalantly asked me what was the most exhilarating thing I had ever done. It did not take much time for my dark side to respond and I perkily replied, and prodding him for a reaction, "Oh, that is an easy one- being tied up and teased all night." I knew that if he was shocked- and I sensed he was normally a bit 'stiff'- I could deny it and tease him over his reaction. "Really?" he replied in slight awe. "Yes, really," was all I could say with a devilish smirk on my face, "have you ever?" "No..." he said. "... but are curious?" I interrupted. "Kind of," he answered a bit embarrassed, "but I do not like the idea of physical punishment...." "Punishment is not always synonymous with pain... or being physical... hmmm, let me show you something... promise not to tell anyone?" I asked. "Ok," he replied cautiously. "Scouts honor?" I coyly asked with a devilish smile. He affirmed. "Follow me," I said as I stood and walked to the bedroom. I went to the dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of cuffs, "Give me your wrists." He hesitated. "Look, I realize you do not know me that well, but I trusted you enough to invite you over... I promise, I am not some psycho who will lock you up to die in my closet... besides, the smell would be putrid.... here, I'll even let you hold the key... good, now raise your arms," I backed him up against the bed post and went to flip the chain over a hook above. He dropped his arms. "Ok, here is a chair, just in case you need to step up and unhook yourself.... I just want to show you what you look like... come on, lighten up silly..." I brought a stand alone mirror before him over so he could view his extended bound body. By this point the drink had gotten the better of me. Revealing the cuffs put me in that dangerous playful mood. "Not so bad, is it?" I rhetorically asked as he starred at himself, "...I think you look quite 'endearing' standing there all bound and helpless," I said as I smiled and ran my hand across his shirt feeling his chiseled chest beneath, "Bondage is not just about punishment... it is also about reward... " I said as I grabbed his belt buckle. A smile crossed his face. I took that as a sign of consent and pulled down his pants to reveal a well hung man, not too big and not small... and just right for me. A man the likes of which I had not had since before dating my ex. I started by caressing him in my hand, "I want you to know I had absolutely no intention of doing this when I invited you over... but now that you are here and we have gotten to know each other a bit better, well... you know, I am so recently divorced... dating is not what I want... but I do have needs, and, to be honest with you, I am not looking for anyone... but then I let loose and showed you my cuffs... that just started this little chain reaction within me... and here we are and well...." Marco grinned. I kissed his now engorged head, licked it, suckled it, massaged his balls, got him super hard. I swallowed him whole till his cock hit the back of my throat. Then I made him cum in my mouth. I stood up, looked him square in the eyes. In a dead serious tone I said, "Now listen very carefully. I have a proposition. You want to continue doing this?" "Yes," he replied noting the stern look on my face and tone of my voice. "He are the rules: Be here every Thursday night at 10:00, not earlier or later. Obey my commands. No pain involved. Just fun role play between two adults, nothing more. If either of us terminates this, there will be no hard feelings, or any at all for that matter. Outside these walls, there is nothing between us. Oh, one more thing, on Thursday nights you will call me 'Mrs. M'. Understand?" "Why 'Mrs. M'?" he asked. "Because that is what I want. Understand?" I sternly replied. "Yes Mrs. M", he respectfully replied. I released him from the cuffs, "Now get out of here," I said as I guided him to the door. I was sure he left pleasantly surprised by what happened and slightly bewildered- conservative successful business person by day, and, well you pick the description, by night. From that night forward every Thursday night he was religiously at my doorstep at 10:00 PM sharp. Our meetings were of little conversation. I wanted it that way- a very limited interpersonal relationship. Out in the world, when we met, it was a different story. We chatted pleasantly, just as we had before. He never mentioned or alluded to our private affair. What Marco did not tell you was what happened between us after the first time and the time he described. He did not tell you how I would tease him for an hour or more using my mouth, how I had him fuck my tits, how I rubbed his head in my furrow or against my tiny aperture. Whatever I did to him, he was not permitted to release until he had my permission. As I teased, I made him beg for release. I made him confess his deepest darkest fantasies, all of them. I made him tell me about past relationships. I made him describe in vivid detail what he would do to me if his hands were freed. Nothing was sacred. When he was completely compliant, after he came, on one or two occasions I tied him to the bed, crouched over him and let him trace the edges of my folds with the very tip of his tongue- a reward to know the taste and texture of what he wanted so badly that he would put up with my games. I found the power and control addictive. They seduced my core. After each meeting, I craved more and immediately looked forward to the next meeting. My rule, which he did not know, was I would never let him in my pussy, he would never cum in it, and, I would never cum with him- my depraved form of masturbation. After our Thursday tryst, I always found myself in bed, fingers buried deep, whimpering and gasping as I thought about him, how I teased him that night, what he had confessed, how he begged and how he would forcefully take me if permitted. I fixated on his cock, how it would feel violating me for the first time, how it would feel passing into me, impaling and widening as it penetrated, how I would hold and tease it deep within, how I could control him with it. It was all about how he would make me feel and what I could do to tease him. This continued for five or six weeks. Then what Marco described happened. But, here is my version of the event: That morning I woke and realized it was Thursday. The night before I went to bed thinking about the next evening, planning the events for Marco's visit. Needless to say, it ended in a pleasant fantasy. I always woke feeling horny on Thursday mornings and always found something to wear which gave me that feeling of power, quiet confidence and a sexy swagger. That morning I found my black leather boots, the ones that cried out, 'fuck doll'. I wore them with a skirt that hung down to my ankles covering the boots- a modest winter look. All day long I thought of my boots and their spiked high heels, the pointed toes- what they symbolized- the power and sex appeal. The more I focused on them the harder it was to concentrate on anything else. As the day wore on I began having my recurring fantasies of Marco's cock. By the time I got home I had worked myself into a highly aroused state and some very wet panties. Marco arrived as usual and I bound him as was our practice. I had been blindfolding him to test his trust and because sensory deprivation can be so exciting- both when deprived and when you get finally get to observe after being deprived. I did not know what I was going to do to him that night. I had been telling myself that fucking him was far off in the future, if it was going to happen at all. That night I looked at his massive body and beautiful cock and started toying with the idea of letting him inside me just for a moment- quick and deep- just to let him know how it feels. Yes, I am a tease and rotten to the core for it. Each Thursday I tried to change things up for my blindfolded friend, just to keep him guessing and interested- warm oil massages, chocolate syrup, dirty talk, you name it. Regardless of the fact my fingers were sopping wet and my pussy aching for release, at that very moment, when his pre-cum graced my mouth, the wicked little thought entered my mind again. I acted on impulse and decided to let him quickly penetrate me and withdraw. Then I would go back to sucking him off until he was done. I leaned back against him and he entered me. It felt so good and it had been so long since I had a great cock like his in me. Then something triggered. I should have known better than to take him in when I was so close to the edge. That was my first mistake. Knowing I was his cock tease, that this was his first, and just a quick dip, heightened the intensity of the very moment for me. I pushed back against him once. The base of his shaft being hugged by my lips was powerful. It felt so good. Suddenly I changed my mind- I needed to prolong the feeling but had to be careful not to let him cum in me. Slowly I moved back and forth pleasuring myself. It was so delicious and I kept telling myself 'just a little more, you can do this'. That was my second mistake- I was fooling myself. Power and control swept aside my reason and in an instant I was slowly humping that bad boy, methodically building up the pace like the early stages of a mechanical bull ride. My excitement grew and I could not pull away. I resigned myself to the fate of what I had subconsciously started weeks ago and decided that if it was going to happen, I was going to enjoy it. "Fuck me," I told him as I rode him harder. He was helpless to move and I knew it. I kept riding, building the force of my short sudden thrusts. I knew his back was bouncing against the bedpost and I tried to not slam him to hard. He arched his back as best he could to push his pelvis forward and bury as deep as possible. I felt him 'hanging' within me, tugging at me from within as my fingers swirled and strummed my swollen clit. Everything slowly faded into the background of my mind as I concentrated on how he felt within me. My body began to tingle in all the right places. I pushed back hard once again. It hit me, like a bolt of lightening, fast and hard from nowhere. It ripped right through my inner core as my body seized as I drowned in a tsunami of pleasure. The first wave receded, I gasped for air and pushed back again. Then he came. I should have expected it. He could only hold out so long. His warmth shot into me in thick steady streams, one after another after another. I pushed back and held him, pushing him deep as he came in me, coaxing him as we seized. As we finished, I realized I had let him cum in me and I had taken it all to far. It is ironic that I was the one who lost control.... perhaps I was the one who should have been bound and punished... I am such a little tease...

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January 30, 2019

like your pics love your maid ones 10/10

June 20, 2019
Spectacular Jam (deleted)

Lovely sexy pics. Great figure, legs and bottom x

June 23, 2019
j b says:

mmmm so sexy xxxxx

October 7, 2018
Three Teaching (deleted)

Thank you and a warm welcome my good friend ,your so Beautiful . love Brian xoxoxo

October 31, 2014