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I love taking pictures. It is a relaxing and exploratory experience for me. Usually, I capture the life of my family and friends, but I do not share those pictures here. Other times, I stroll around in a curious, creative mood with open eyes and look for two-dimensional moments in the three-dimensional, ever-evolving world around us. I strive for visual beauty by reduced and well-balanced graphics and colors that may tell a story or at least transmit an affective tone. I know, usually I am not there yet, but by sharing, contemplating and communicating about pictures I try to learn and getting closer to this aim. Thus, I am happy to receive kind comments, but also critical, instructive feedback.


I started my photographic journey when I was about ten years old using an Agfa Isorapid, owned by my older brother. Thereafter, I was allowed to use the Zeiss Ikon Contina of my father, when he got his first SLR from Canon. Photography became one of my hobbies when being at high school. I took as many pictures as I could afford and installed a dark room in my mother´s laundry, blocking it for hours making black & white prints. For my fifteenth birthday, I got a wonderful Nikon FM, which I used for many years with an expanding set of prime lenses (20, 35, 50, 135 mm).


I am and I was always an early adopter of new technology, but I had a difficult relationship with digital photography (diverse Sony) until I got hold of my first Fuji, an X100 and later the X-PRO 2 with a set of lenses (14, 35, 90, 18-55 mm*). Now, I enjoy taking pictures again like I did back in my Nikon FM times. Fuji’s ergonomics, look, size, image quality and in particular film simulations are simply perfect for me. As much I like taking pictures, I do not enjoy digital post-processing. Usually, I use straight out of the camera jpegs, sometimes I do small adjustments - some cropping here, aligning the horizon there, and adapting contrast and brightness a bit – that’s all.


Thank you for visiting. Enjoy photography!




P.S. (December 2017): *After using the X-PRO2 with enthusiasm for almost two years, I have learned, however, how difficult it is to keep the sensor of a mirrorless camera clean when changing lenses. Admittedly I do not understand why these cameras do not have a kind of shutter that closes as soon as you start to detach the lens. Regardless, I still prefer mirror less cameras over DSLR, but I adapted my approach a bit. I take a second body, an XT-20, with me whenever I expect the need for another lens in an environment that would make changing lenses a risky operation. In addition, I bought the XF16-55, although it thwarts key advantages of the Fuji system. It is a big, heavy and almost aggressive lens. However, compared to the XF18-55 it is wider so that I can keep my XF14 most of the time at home and I can create a nice bokeh at the long end so that I do not need an extra portrait lens in my bag. For the days I like to have a small, light and stealthy equipment in an unpredictable environment I take the wonderful XF 35f2 and leave the big zoom at home. Finally, I bought two light gatherers on the second-hand market (XF23f1.4, XF56f1.2), two marvelous lenses for low-light conditions. In short, I made a kind of expensive detour in my lens purchases and the XF14 and the XF90 are getting a bit dusty – although both are formidable lenses and the XF18-55 starts to get used by the next generation of photographers in my family.


P.P.S. (January 2019): i did not buy anything anymore. It is already now difficult to choose which lenses to take with me and the two cameras are doing a wonderful job. Regardless, I am using the XF14 and the XF90 still quite frequently - so no dust.


P.P.P.S. (October 2020): Recently I rediscovered the old twin lens Rolleiflex of my father (Zeiss Planar, 75f3.5), which I have not used for more than 30 years. It still works almost perfectly, though I plan to service it soon. This camera remains an awkward piece of technology, but certainly an intriguing one with quite some personal affection. My father bought it when I was born and most of my childhood.


P.P.P.P.S. (August 2021): The Rolleiflex is serviced and it appears to work as smoothly as on day one. Next to that I have to admit that I bought two more lenses for my Fuji cameras, the mark two version of the 10-24 and the new 70-300. These are two very versatile lenses and especially their combination is, despite the gap in focal length between them, of great use when going out taking land- and cityscapes images.

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Wagner D. says:

Felipe? - Good man, good eye, good stuff. Exceptional in more than one respect.

September 11, 2021

My compliments! a wonderful and artistic gallery!

August 6, 2021
Ben Paul says:

Flickr is full of over-crowded, over-manipulated, over-colored, over-whatever pics. But there are some resting points. Here you and I will find one …

July 3, 2021

A true master of minimalism

April 3, 2021

A superb eye for composition...one of the best.

January 30, 2021

Muy buena tu galería Felipe!

January 17, 2021
highfalutin history (deleted)

Hallucinante galerie !! Je suis scotchée par tant de dynamisme de part les couleurs et les thèmes abordés !!!!! BRAVO ♥

August 4, 2020

Absolutely strong and different pictures. Thank you very much for sharing! KR, Alvaro

April 14, 2020

Fantastica galleria!

August 3, 2019

A high quality gallery, diverse, where we admire the work of a keen eye

May 9, 2019

Felipe sait ouvrir des portes et il a un beau regards sur les fenêtres...

March 2, 2019