I have a very lame intro...

And here it goes.

I am 22.

A nurse, after I get my license.

I have a Canon 50D, a 28-135mm USM lens, an 85 mm, and a 50mm.

That's pretty much it.

I edit my photos with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and/or Lightroom.

I am a Filipina.


I am a noob, I humbly say.

I love taking photographs of women,

stye them,

direct some poses,

as long as there's someone who'll do the make-up,

hold the reflector,

direct the electric fan,

play the music,

and I do most of the styling and clicking.

I have very few models, I pay with nothing but "thank you's"

and a pretty smile, and of course, friendship. LOL.

I want people to come up to me

and say they want their picture taken.

That's cool.

I don't really mind.


Landscape photography is not my friend.

As well as Street Photography.

But I am trying to love all kinds.

You'll see most of my photos are myself,

well I would like to explain again that I am not self-absorbed.


What else?


CRITICISMS are very much welcome,

in fact,

please do.

It's better than "amazing" or anything that is monosyllabic or mono-WORD. LOL.


Hope to learn from all of you!




[15/365] I love you like a boyfriend. And may be more than a boyfriend. Coz I would surely smother you any given time.


Find her everyWHAR!:





Thanks burcerneri for the PRO account! :)

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