I am a 20yo French car enthusiast who occasionally takes photos. I'm based in Corsica which is a stunning island located in the south of France.

The pictures you'll find on my stream are mostly taken in Monaco, Cannes, Maranello, Paris and obviously Corsica.


I also show my photos on Facebook (Guillaume Ettori Photography).

I'm on Instagram as well with live uploads and edited pictures (@guillaume_ettori).


As some of you often ask for my equipment, I work with:

Nikon D7100

Nikon D5000

85mm f/1.8 Nikkor

18-55 VR Nikkor

70-300 APO DG Sigma

10-20 EX HSM Sigma

35 f/1.8 Nikkor


Any question concerning a car, a photo or a location? Feel free to contact me via Flickr Mail or at guillaumeettori@me.com. Don't hesitate to ask for HD pictures for your wallpaper as well.

And if you want some photos of your car in nice locations such as Monaco or Corsica, send a message too!

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