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Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. My name is Firdaus Mahadi. I'm photographer, graphic designer and calligrapher, currently living in Malaysia. I first became interested in photography in the early 2008, and I've had an on-again, off-again interest ever since.


I started flickring on January 2008, with a renewed interest in photography. I wanted a way to show my work, and keep myself motivated to shoot. Since I thoroughly enjoy maintaining my other website and blogs, I thought a photoblog would be an ideal solution.


Photography is a great self learning process that has no borders. It should be far more than the simple act of recording a lasting memory. In a way, it is about tempting our imagination to create an outer image. In essence, it is an art form and a way of expression. The wilderness is the perfect palate from which to draw inspiration with its ever-changing array of natural colours, textures, shape and life.


Photographs have always been open to interpretation. All photographers, be they fine art or photojournalists, take photographs with various degrees of intent, to make you, the viewer, see things from a certain point of view. In addition, the viewer brings with them their own background and life experiences that will further influence how they read the images. At best, photographs should always be viewed as highly subjective.


I am very interested in landscape & architechture photography because it is challenging, fascinating and absorbing, it constantly changes with the light, places, seasons and the weather. All of these elements make totally enthralling landscape photography with each and every day offering something new. It provides a high satisfaction to me.


Personal Quotes:


"captures the spiritual beauty of creation itself"


"Light is something close to the life of a photographer. They were amazed of the beauty that can produced by the light. But I found, one type of light a much more fascinating, namely the spiritual light. There is something in Islam that can produce beauty and light."


"In my mind's eye, I visualize how distinctive, a sight and feeling will appear on a print. If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph. It is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice"


Vision & Mission


Want to achieve a dynamic profession, have the opportunity to get a broad exposure, experienced in the field of education, research, as well as one reaches the beginning of a bright career prospects. Contributing to development of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual community generally.


Aspire to higher specialist referrals, example to the community and try to cultivate and civilize Islamic Art to the highest rank, kindly. Always want to try to diversify the talent and the ability given by Him.




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  • JoinedJanuary 2008
  • OccupationCalligrapher, Graphic Designer
  • HometownMelaka
  • Current cityCheras
  • CountryMalaysia
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sifu terbaek dr kajang ni...rugi sapa x brdamping ngn dia ntok blaja ilmu photography ni..huhu =)

August 6, 2009
abu bakar says:

best kalu aku bole ddk 1opis @ 1 rumah ngn die nims.. mmg abis-abisan aku korek ilmu ngn die ni,++ plk die ni xkisah nk share ape2 aje tentang ilmu fotografi ni..=) thanks GOD..

July 15, 2009
akal budi says:

I really admire Firdaus for his nice works and passion over photography. He is such a nice man and never say no when I ask for guidance..He is such a mento to me..Shukran Jazilan Sahabat...

July 10, 2009

He is a great photographer, and the pictures came out amazing! Very talented

June 23, 2009
Rasyida says:

Assalamu'alaikum WrWb Saya sangat kagum dengan karya2 Mas Firdaus, bagus...bagus... banget dan bisa memberi semangat aku untuk belajar...belajar dan terus belajar... terimakasih.. dan teruslah berkarya Wassalamu'alaikum WrWb

February 25, 2009

Bro, u are the best... Hasil sentiasa mantap... =) Good Luck bro... Maju Jaya Sokmo....

February 2, 2009

his collections never fail to impress me. such a talented and skillfull artist esp in calligraphy. keep up the great work.

November 14, 2008
Sir Mart says:

Bro, tahniah dengan visi bro. Saya bangga dapat melihat karya-karya yang dihasilkan!! Semoga dapat belajar sedikit sebanyak ilmu graphic design dari karya2 yang bro hasilkan.

September 23, 2008