Hello everyone,

I am Vincent Ting,love photography and traveling very much.

Welcome to visit my photostream. All of your comments are appreciated.


If you are interesting in my works, They are available on Getty Images


My Gears:

Nikon D600

Nikon D90

Nikkor 24-70mm

Nikon 16-35mm

Nikkor 70-300mm

Tokina 12-24mm

SB 600 Flash

B+W filters.


Copyright © Vincent Ting Photography. All rights reserved. Please don't use without my permission


Spotlight 聚光六十石 高美濕地 Sunset in Kaomei Wetland


Sea of clouds 合歡雲海 Snowscape at Mt. Hehuan 合歡雪景


彰濱海上屋~那天 斜光照內洞


Gush 激流枋山 彰濱夕景 Sunset at beach


Tulips 鬱金香@台中市 中社花市 Cosmos 單戀一枝花


Fall in love with starry night 戀上星夜@合歡山 The Stair to Galaxy 天梯


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Hallo' photo is amazing.

December 2, 2017

Vincent takes most beautiful moment of the day. And i love all the photos he took ..

April 6, 2011

Vincent takes amazing landscape photos! They just take my breath away. I don't know how he captures sunsets as beautifully as he does! He is also a great contact, he leaves lots of encouraging comments :) Keep going with your awesome photography! I know you will go far.

August 27, 2010