Photography is, for me, a hobby, and certainly a passion, but i do not rely upon it in any way to survive which i believe is a great thing as it safely stays a fun, subjective method of artistic expression . I like to believe i am a fighter of the conventional analog photography methods, thus, none of my work has been tempered digitally. Except for digitizing for online purposes.


I tend to mass produce in my darkroom, and have been doing so for about 12 years, hence since i was 18. I don't tend to do much with my work, i just stack new ones over the old ones in boxes. I've recently pushed myself in putting some work online, see what people think, as i sincerely got no clue.


For me, most of the 'creative' processes occur in the darkroom, not in the field shooting thus, ive thought more appropriate to add comments regarding darkroom techniques.




My name is Francis Cardinal, I am a 30 years old French Canadian, I like to consider myself quite off the main western life path. I have been living in Africa for most of my adult life (lived-in or visited 14 west African countries) along with some trips to the north pole, India, Yukon, Alaska, Caribbean, western Europe. This with some almost yearly trips home to work on film sets as a technician.


In terms of photography, I am 100% self-taught and definitely an amateur. I have been shooting since I was 12 and in the darkroom since 17. This being said, for some time now, I feel I have reached my technical limits (shooting and printing).

Thus, I have decided that my next step is to find some kind of internship… offer my time, help, energy and personal motivation to a photographer that does this somewhat professionally. Along with this, a photographer that still works with analog photography and that is somehow artistically compatible. I could join his daily routine or develop a collaborative project with.


I will finish my present work contract mid-October of this year and from then on, I got no specific plans. Definitely got some months to invest in this and can travel anywhere in the world.


For the more artistic male work, I post under the Flickr alias: Rustyboi


If you do not feel this is meant to be for you, it is totally fine but would you then, in any case, help me with my search in referring me to other photographers you might think would be suitable, or website that I could look for photographers under the more specific criteria’s I’ve mentioned above? Also, an acceptable plan B would be to register to some photographic training program or club, hopefully off the grid and off the mainstream path. This is also something you could help me with.


thanks in advance!

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