Alec Williams, a fourth-generation Dentonite. Began taking photographs in Denton around 1976. These are images from my negative collection that were scanned by the folks in the Special Collections Department of the Emily Fowler Central Library in Denton, Texas. We used some of these photographs to create a photography book on the Fry Street area.


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Photos of Alec Williams


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Dbvry says:

Amazing work, it's like being in a time machine. Simple raw pictures but o so complex to make it just work the way you do. Thank you to share with us, these moments.

February 4, 2020

Superb photos serie - Respect !!! Greetings from the former GDR ...

October 18, 2018
Protective Thought (deleted)

My Respect !!! Greetings from the former GDR ...

February 12, 2019