This is a collection of pictures taken by Barney and Mark Davis. We are a father/son team both attending college to further our education in Photography and Graphic Communications. Barney, the son, is a senior at Liberty University and Mark, yes the dad, is finishing up a 2 year program at our local community college. Please feel free to leave supportive comments.


We are budding a commercial photography company located in Danville, VA. Our main focus is fashion, glamour, event, and advertising based work. We are willing to work anywhere we are needed, and are comfortable traveling with our equipment.



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Sorry, but starting today, anyone commenting or faving our pictures that's great, BUT please if adding me as a contact you must have pictures in your own account to share. That's why we are here is it not? Also, if your pictures contain porn or your "favorites" is nothing but a continuous stream of porn, I will have to block you.

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