Programmer and photographer. If we did not take pictures, how would others outside our circle know who we were, what we did, and that we existed? All photos are meaningful, they are a moment of someones life. Army Veteran.


I love great photographs. If I like your photo it is because I think it is awesome or has a special quality to it. I do sometimes look back at liked/favored photos for inspiration. I don't like them just to collect them. I also follow accounts that are interesting, awesome, consistent, and engaging - professional and amateur. There are so many great photographers, it is my way of showing respect to the photographer.


I don't leave negative critiques or tasteless comments. Positivity is my thing!


Austin, Houston, San Antonio. Travel to Baton Rouge, New Orleans


Digital: Nikon - Z 6, D750, D610

Film: Nikon FTN, Nikon L35af, Kodak - Retina IIIc.


Stop reading this, go take a picture!






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I like the beautiful portraits and Jazz/Blues concert pictures! Ich mag die wunderschönen Porträts und Jazz/Blues Konzert Fotos!

December 7, 2020