Welcome to my photostream. I am happy that you wanted to see the world through my eyes and through my lenses.


Thank you for your visit and your comments. I always try to comment back if you write your own words and not only icons or graphic. Feel free to critisize if you feel the photo could be better...I learn much more from critique.


.Enjoy and relax, have a good time




If you want to buy my photos you can always contact me via Flickr mail or grzegorek@interia.pl


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All my works are copyrighted - if you want to use it, please contact me and get the written permission before using it. Thank you.


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photo of the month February 2011

in Cube Excellence Group.

wielkopolskie wierzby v.1 (oryginał)


ex aequo 1st place winner in 5th Front Page contest in Vermeer Pearls groupwielkopolskie wierzby v2


ex aequo 1st place winner in Dragon Daggers Gallery 74 competition


zadymka / blizzard


" Photo 'Master' of the month " March A.D. 2010 in Lightstyles group



Winner Top photo of the month in January 2010 at the knight and his princess group

Lampka i Do


my photo sarny we mgle in german photo on-line magazine



if you are interested in purchase of my works, please contact me via Flickr mail or grzegorek@interia.pl


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I am also admin of Vermeer Pearl Group


Vermeer Pearls.. an invite only group (P1/A2). Get yours at bighugelabs.com

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Your work shows an eclectic taste and a talent for quality work. I especially love your night exposures which are excellent. You have a very good eye and your compositions are very well done. I will enjoy following you Andrzej. Sumner

June 10, 2018

An excellent artist. His works are characterised by a high level of creativeness. I do love the mood of his artworks. I must add that he is not only a great photographer but also a perfect flickr group administrator.

March 31, 2014