A few years ago, I discovered photography as a way to see the world. Creativity sprouted.

Due to my love for travelling and nature, I caught some of the most interesting atmospheres of this planet on camera. From the flashing bees nest of Taipei to the serene Italian side of the Alps, through ancient cities as Prague and Jerusalem. Despite all that, beauty can sometimes easily be found just around the corner, so hence the categories ‘Belgium’ and ‘Hometown’ on my website www.guyp-photo.com/ , where I assemble a collection of photographs that suspire a homely ambience.


I am a photographer, based in the Belgian town of Geel (Flanders). I actually became a great fan of Fujifilm gear after using Nikon equipment the first few years.


Please visit my website : www.guyp-photo.com

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Very beautiful pictures and beautiful photography I wish you happiness and health ★★★★★ for you

January 4, 2018