says it all.


interest global communication thresholds.


written 'goedel escher bach', hofstadter. raise high the roof beam carpenter, salinger. catch22; 100yrs of solitude; wikipedia & dmoz.


visual Film festival junkie, will work for tickets.


music evolves as visual/kinetic/social art, electronic/sample based sounds have shown me this path through the past decade+ more clearly than other forms. historically similar genres, nearly any genere for that matter, I enjoy with peripheral abandon. Feed me good choons ;).


fav record 'Learn to Touch Type'.


fav festival solipse '99, hungary.

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  • JoinedOctober 2004
  • Occupationsnowboard instructor / web designer
  • Hometownsan diego . cd'a . minneapolis . berlin . seattle . santa fe
  • Current citydot dot
  • Countryearth
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look out, look out, the candyman here he come and he's gone again pretty lady ain't got no friend 'til the candyman comes around again

May 5, 2006

Mikey Dubbs rolls through desert canyons like blood through highway veins

April 28, 2005