This is a gallery featuring official art from the Legend of Zelda series for the fansite History of Hyrule. Everything belongs to Nintendo and the individual publishers, this is only a tribute collection. Sources and credit for images will be below each image. If you use an image, please always credit the source.


Back in 2000 I realized it was next to impossible to find images of Zelda art online. So I started scanning my guides, buying and importing them, and asking for help- all so fans could finally see what was out there. I actually specifically started all this to get the work Katsuya Terada did as a Nintendo staff artist for Zelda online since it couldn't be found anywhere.


I'm trying to make sure not a single piece or variation is left out and that the best image possible is presented. While I'm not close to finished, feel free to send me what you have. While I try to preserve all of the original image as it was: some have been damaged, or had other images covering them, so I've done some extensive touch-up work on several.


Much of this gallery was scanned and edited by me, Melora of History of Hyrule. Many pieces also come from Mases of Zelda Dungeon, Sabrina of Zelda Europe, or Phillyman of Retromags. Several other people have contributed super rare, or better pieces, of art. Beno, Kitty and Chichi, Davogones, Sherri, are all names that I can't thank enough. Many images were downloaded from pdf's, press kits, and other material that Nintendo has posted online for fans to enjoy.

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