my pics: not all of them have the quality i'd like them to have


currently located in: vienna, austria


feeling home in: graz, austria (my hometown); austin, tx (hook 'em horns, baby!); boston, ma (probably my favorite city, even though I have never lived there); paris, france (many might not understand, but i love the cockiness)


places i've visited over the past two years: austin, tx (my home away from home); san antonio, tx (the second best city of the lone star state); houston, tx (sorry, but simply not my place); dallas, tx (better than houston, but still not the place to be); boston, ma (where europe meets america); new york city, ny (amazing, interesting, crazy, unbelievable, ...); new orleans, la (my home for three weeks before katrina came across); san diego, ca (wonderful in december, especially for an austrian like me); los angeles, ca (has some great parts, but drives me nuts, could never live there); athens, greece (outstanding place with outstanding people)


places I'd love to visit: tokyo, japan; seattle, wa; chicago, il; barcelona, spain; stockholm, sweden; berlin, germany; copenhagen, denmark; budapest, hungary (i know, i know ... it's only two hours from vienna), ...


i spend to much time: watching and reading about sports; listening to good music; crawling the internet for blogs, pods and other intersting stuff; etc.


i'd love to spend more time on: working out; reading books; taking pictures; walking the city; etc.


latest obsessions: my mp3 player, running, college football, ...


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  • OccupationStudent
  • HometownGraz, Austria
  • Current cityVienna
  • CountryAustria


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