Hello! I am the owner of the sphere, of the seven stars and the solar year, of Caesar’s hand, and Plato’s brain, of Lord Christ’s heart, and Shakespeare’s strain…. I am Iwona. If my name were Ouch, it would pain me to introduce myself. As it is now, I only find my first name mildly tortuous.


I admit I have stumbled upon Flickr during my run from stress and a rather intense workload. What a wonderful escape that was! To this day I travel the world with all of you; visit places I couldn’t dream of visiting; view the wonders surrounding you through your camera lens. All of you became my instant inspiration and the force that guides me when I am weak, and in need of strength and power: you help me over my weakest hour. I hear your voice in the wind, and I hear you call my name…so here I am; ready to learn and to share experiences with this wonderful community; ready to become a Jedi master of photography. ;) May the Force be with me!

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