Do you know the feeling, if you are only one moment away from the perfect photo? And when you feel it, when you know "soon, not long, I will get the perfect photo". And when you are so nervous, because you just want to see your photo on the laptop to see it in a bigger size. And at least: you upload it on flickr and you know: "they would love it." ... or you hope, that they would love it. ;)

nevertheless: photography is great and I'm everyday searching for the perfect shot. For me. For my camera. and my friends and family.

If you know THIS feeling, you can understand me.

And that's the reason, why I love my Canon and Photography. <3

Photography takes me into a different world. In a beautiful, impressive, peaceful and amazing world.

Where I can be, who I am and what I want to be.



If you want to use one of my photos, please ask me and do not use it without my permission! Thanks!


Take care,


La Julisa


I'm proud of:


my first EXPLORED shot:

blue sea - EXPLORED - by Isabel Julia


my second EXPLORED shot:

love can be found everywhere...! - EXPLORED - by Isabel Julia


my third EXPLORED shot:

it always seems impossible until it's done. - EXPLORED - by Isabel Julia


my first 99+ shot:

fairytale meadow - thanks for the favs! <3 by Isabel Julia


my second 99+ shot:

it's summer by Isabel Julia


my third 99+ shot:

orange kisses sea by Isabel Julia


my fourth 99+ shot:

colorful Dahlia by Isabel Julia


my fifth 99+ shot:

Happy is, who rejoices at sunset on the stars! ❤️ by Isabel Julia

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