Thank you for looking and commenting. I hope to show and share natural beauty without disrupting wild animals we feel so lucky to see. Others take better photos, but I love feeling in the moment, getting outdoors, learning bird behavior or learning a new camera setting.


When I view my RAW photos, I am able to see a distant bird's details on my monitor far better than I could with binoculars or with our scope. (Poor vision and use of mostly one eye since a teenage incident.)


I tend to follow those who display metadata or EXIF information. I prefer to avoid those who join more than about ten groups, or those who allow multiple large group banners. Or who game the system. Iā€™m not too keen on much post-processing, and prefer to admire your eye and composition.


As a longtime technical writer and editor, using exclamation marks or emojis does not come easily. However, if I comment, please imagine me jumping up and down with enthusiasm.


Try to stay safe. šŸ’›


NB. My second macro account is:

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