I love to learn how others experience the world. So, I deeply enjoy seeing what everyone else sees and how they see it. There’s always something to learn from everyone.


I love to capture the world as it appears to me. I usually post photos that are nearly straight off the camera. I sometimes just touch up a few things and adjust the levels a little.


All images are for sale. I also greatly enjoy donating my work (pending image-by-image approval only) to non-profit organizations!! I have donated my work to and completed assignments for different charity organizations including churches, government programs, arts & science organizations, community groups, museums, historical societies, at-risk youth, hospitals, opera groups, health campaigns, schools & educational resource programs, nature & outdoor clubs, and musical & community presentations.


If you have a specific photographic need please let me know! I have many quality images besides those that are posted here. I am also always interested in taking assignments.


All images are All Rights Reserved and shouldn't be reproduced in any way without permission. If you'd like to use any of my images please, just ask me.


Folio 0762


Take Two


Hot Girl I Found on the Pier


Marriage Celebration!








Sing it!


The Magic Flute


The Low Down


Electric Universe!






Runnin' Wild!


Workin' for Dinner!


After the Ride




Rockin' Night


Louisiana Rorschach


Some Fancy Photographer


New Bridge in Purple


Horace Wilkinson in Lights


Baton Rouge, "new" Mississippi River bridge & LAS Museum


Shooting at the Crescent City Connection


My Geeee!


Louisiana Capitol


White House


LSU's Mike the Tiger


Lily for Your Troubles?


A Little Attitude Goes a Long Way


Louisiana Iris


Lookin' at You!


Louisiana Bald Eagle


Fairy Tale Cypress


Into the Sun


Lake sunset

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