A Femina T Girl!


I am a statuesque, slim , 30 something "Trans Femina". Not a genetic woman, other than my soul! I have been exploring my over whelming feminine side since I can remember! I love to explore different looks as you will see. Its so much fun playing with different , hair styles, make up and fashions. from some what demure to very well done looking seductress !


I live here in Sin City Las Vegas , Nevada, have a good job and lucky to have great friends.


Love to go out dolled up, model my extensive wardrobe as you can see. Most of the photos here are of me in heels. A few in boots but if you want to see more see my boot collection photos they are under my Flikr profile Jenninboots.




I like to shop of course silly ,try and look as sexy as possible, take photos and share erotic times with select sexy people!


PLEASE If you do not have a full profile , full pic's of yourself or are not a previous friend I probably will not enter you as a friend.


Not into cyber , flakes, strict pic collectors and mean people.


I also run a Yahoo group at



Like many other girls I have many other venues here on the web.

Check out my other many profiles Jenninboots and Feminadiva.



Other place I can be found are URNOTALONE as well as www.LVTG.com


MEMBER OF www.wildsidetg.com


Thanks for looking, I really do appreciate nice testimonials , or comments on my photos! All friends are welcome to write me a mail.






If you see me online under Yahoo Jeninheels say hello!

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