Amateur photographer where a lot of my Images will be in and around the Dorset area and now and again allowed to venture further :)


All images are of a single exposure unless otherwise stated in the description of an image, although I will take bracketed shots it will either be to process the one image that looks good to me to process or the dynamic range or sharpness means I need to blend parts of those images together, image description will tell you if I have done this, luminosity masking plays a part in my editing also. I don't do sky replacements or composite mages I will process accordingly.


An amateur who likes to go out capturing images and sharing my vision of the photographers eye. Since 2004 I have been using digital cameras purely a holiday snapper, I was not interested in the old style film photography as it was quite expensive to process. IN 2011 decided to purchase a bridge digital camera and it was not until 2015 I decided to try and take it more seriously and teach myself photography. Summer 2017 acquiring the Sony ILCE7RM2 full frame camera and matching lens, tending to use Sony camera bodies and lenses these days.... Mist and reflections, sunsets and sunrises with the occasional dabble into macro work. More recently exploring long exposure techniques with the new Firecrest filter system long exposures now feature a lot more in my work flow...




Sony ILCE-7RM2 - Body

Sony Alpha SLT-A77VQ

Sony DSC-RX100M3



Sony SEL-2470GM

Sony SAL70400G2

Sony SAL1650

Sony SAL30M28E Macro Lens

Sony LA-EA3 enabling Sony 70-400 for use on my full frame 7RM2



Colby Signature Filters comprising of

Firecrest polariser and holder system

Firecrest 6 Stop ND Filter ( ND 1.8)

Firecrest 2 Stop Reverse Grad Filter (ND 0.6)

Firecrest 2 Stop Soft edged Grad Filter (ND 0.6)

Firecrest 16 Stop ND filter for long exposure photography (ND 4.8)

Firecrest ULTRA 10 Stop ND filter (ND3.0)

Pro ND1000 10 stop filter



LR and PS

Wacom Tablet

27" Benq Photography Monitor



Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4

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what a powerful stream filled incredible photography composition and depth truly a stream to follow and admire❤️

December 14, 2021

Beautiful views in selected light. Very artistic and technically advanced. I like photographers that have found their style and still do the eventual "other thing".

April 28, 2021

One of my most favourite photographers. Lights, fogs, and nature are taken so quietly and beautifully. Anthony's photos often make me cry.

December 2, 2019

Des photos qui invitent à la balade photographique, merci.

July 6, 2019