Born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1975. He has been painting since his childhood. In 1994 he started the carrer of Arquitecture but in the 3rd year he left the studies for Graphic Design in a travel to NYC and London that changes his plans. Close to finish the career his parents past away and he decided to travel Europe, working as freelance in Berlin and Barcelona were he was living 4 years. In 2005 he travel back to his country house in Mina Clavero Argentina, were he build his studio starting to paint a serial of large acrylic paintings, cosidered the best vehicule to express his creativity. In 2007 he travel back to BCN and NYC were he was able to show and test his artwork, now half time of the year he works in Argentina and the other he show his paints in Europe and the US.

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Jose M. Lallana is a very good painter

May 21, 2008


March 10, 2008