I am 35 , living just outside London in the beautiful Surrey countryside.

I married my internet sweetheart met online in a Yahoo chat and then for real at a Japanese culture exhibition in Hyde Park (London).

I am originally Italian but my 'blondness' makes me pass for anything else.

I divide my life between preparing an inordinate amount of food , looking after my little monkey (3 1/2 little boy) and trying to squeeze some work in between.

I hang my head in shame , I confess : I am a foodie.

I love to buy food, to talk about food, to read about food...you get the idea.

Take a big chunk of Mediterrenean , a sprinkle of Carribean , a big glug of Asian and that's a recipe for disaster: me :)


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aJ Gazmen says:

My beautiful bento buddy J is the best i know her not onLy as LovabLe L's superkewL mummy, but aLso one of my recent bLessings. She is vunderful & inspiring. One of the best outcomes from my addiction to fLickR and bento. hugs ^_____^

March 17, 2008

Fusionbento is a sweet charming girl, loves food and life, has a nice taste for bentos and beauty. Open hearted person, smiles easily and can be a very good friend ^^

May 14, 2007