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Photography has been my life's passion since I was a teenager. I started shooting with a Polaroid then moved to a Brownie Hawkeye which I carried for years while in the USAF. I experimented with 8mm movies for a while then moved to larger format cameras. I was lucky enough to get hired as a photographer about a year after I left the USAF. Most of the time I shot portraits then did commercial aerial and industrial. I now am just shooting things of interest. I call it places and things, or a view from my porch. I hope you find something of interest, most of my work is on Flickr, you can find the link in the profile. Feel free to email I am always happy to hear from anyone.


As a note, I will be staying with Flickr through the transition to Smug Mug, I am planning to have a web site with them anyway and my personal views on there site is they are very photographer oriented. There still are some excellent photographers left here they have diminished greatly since yahoo took over. I am sure I am not alone who wish the return of professional content, and I look forward to it.

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