I'm a saxophonist, DJ and electronic music producer. If you club often enough in Singapore you're bound to see me sooner or later.


I got into Lego again in early 2007, before I moved into my new crib, and after I discovered a whole box of Lego from my childhood in the midst of moving house. This account is mainly for my Lego models...for now.


I've been on the hunt for other Singaporean AFOLs like myself, but so far have only found one other (Jehkay). There's no such thing as Brickcon or any other type of Lego exhibitions in this creatively dry country/city, which makes it that much harder to geek out with like minded nerds.


That's why I'm here.


Oh, and more Lego on:



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  • OccupationMusician / Producer
  • HometownSingapore
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