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Throughout my life I’ve pursued creative endeavors. From the oil paintings of my youth to interior decorating in later years, I’ve always benefited from what some have expressed as “my good eye.”

I see beauty in things that some may overlook. It seems only natural that I discovered photography at the age of 48. The moment I picked up my first camera, I knew I had found a perfect platform to share the beauty I see in the world.

I began as a portrait photographer, focusing on unique portraits in the outdoors and in my basement studio. Due to my love of the art form and my commitment to it, my skills accelerated. I began capturing diverse images more vividly and intimately. My use of the camera became second nature. Now, I capture images with emotion and feeling.

I have expanded my focus to include landscapes, flowers, butterflies, long-exposure and macro images. I was surprised how much acquiring a long lens changed me. I discovered an even greater passion for wildlife photography. When I captured my first image of an owl, I was truly hooked!

I have years of experience in portrait photography. My portfolio features many diversified and unique settings. My aim is to bring out a client’s uniqueness, what personifies his or her character, and to capture a timeless portrait.

I believe I am an uncommon photographer. I love all photographic genres–from corporate headshots to a macro image of a dragonfly. I hope you like my work. If you need a portrait or fine-art print, let me demonstrate what I can do. I think you’ll be very happy with my passion for pursuing the ideal image. And the result.

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You have an eye for capturing beauty !!!

October 31, 2017