Hi, my name is Kristoffer Trolle, I'm a danish photographer that lives in Copenhagen.


I upload all of my photos with Creative Commons Rights, meaning that you can use them for what you want as long as you give me credit :-)


Check out my website: www.kristoffertrolle.com

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  • OccupationSoftware developer
  • Current cityCopenhagen
  • CountryDenmark
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You have some great images BRILLIANT

May 9, 2018

Me gusta el sentido creativo que tiene y esa búsqueda de la luz que haces para hallar grandes " momentos " fotográficos . Antonio Martín

August 31, 2017

You have a gift for capturing spirit in your photos. Enjoyed browsing!

October 30, 2017
NATHAN says:

very beautifull gallery kristoffer :o)) thanks for sharing :o)) and sorry for my bad english , I live in France :o))

November 6, 2017