Call it my journal, my journey ..... Exploring SL and seeing what others have created in art, builds and sims brings me great joy! It's become a passion if not an obsession. Photographing and sharing what I find and how I see it, makes it even better. To see what minds can create in a virtual world is simply amazing! Such beauty and depth at times astounding and grateful that others want to share it with us. Its not about the edits made to the photo's taken, that just brings out what my mind sees when I see a photo... what can enhance the beauty, the feelings I get when viewing ... sometimes it's nothing because the image is simply perfect, other times, what I see is greatly different. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I love to share what my mind sees. Of the hundreds of snapshots taken, very few get shared but every picture means something special to me in one way or another and I hope those viewing them find them as enjoyable as I do. It's not about favs, comments and followers .. it's about what makes me feel.


Anyone making it through all of that ... thank you and I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I did creating them.

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Stacey is a most imaginative talent. Her images and Captions suggest amazing stories, and draw ones mind in to explore every detail.. Every visit is a most enchanting journey into the artists feeings and emotions….

September 1, 2018