I love to travel and trek ..... particularly, in the Himalayas. And take pictures.


I love nature... mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, passes, snow, waterfalls .... and I visit remote places to see these ... and the people, culture, food, homes and their life styles.


I retired early, at 55, in order to travel and see most interesting places in India .... and to some extent outside India .


If you are looking at my pictures on flickr, I suggest you start with my Sets and choose one Set and see it fully in saved order ... as some are Treks that progress in a chronological order to a destination like a Glacier or a Pass.


I also maintain an online Travel Blog - a sort of Diary of the places I visited - pictures I have taken and brief notes of places, people & incidents, I encountered.


You can see my travel blog at:


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Perfect taste, Great pics and Wonderful travels... 3-in-1... Hats off to you Sir : )

January 5, 2009