I use manual lenses adapted to digital around Asia and Austria. My photos are mostly documentary in nature, trying to show humanity and reality as is, and try to avoid multiplying stereotypes. This makes me upload a lot, not just my better photos. One or the other photo will be there which tries to show or utilize particular qualities of a certain lens, could be dof play, contre jour asf. I don't claim to do nor try much to do art but I am happy if one or the other photo is a standout and even could be considered as such.


My photos in order of lens used: www.flickr.com/photos/kuuan/collections/72157604973031858/

overview collections ( for organized view ): www.flickr.com/photos/kuuan/collections/


cameras: current Sony A7, Ricoh GXR M, Sony NEX5n, before mirrorless Pentax K-x and *istDs, earlier Konica Minolta A2, Fuji Finepix F31fd, Ricoh Caplio R3

lenses used, roughly: since mirrorless small "Pen-F" halfframe, M-Rokkors, Voigtländer wide angle lenses and other, older LTM lenses, mostly Canons from the 50s and 60s

Before that, using dSLR, mostly Takumars + a few other SLR lenses adapted to Pentax dSLR,

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be happy :)


FOR SALE: ( end of 2019: not updated for a while, shall do that once back in Austria May / June 2020:



preset Takumar:

f2/58mm ( rare Sonnar ) 265.-

f3.5/135mm 50.-

Auto Takumar

f3.5/35mm 75.-

f2/55mm 55.-

Super Takumar

f3.5/135mm 35.-

S-M-C Takumar

f3.5/28mm 75.-

f2/35mm 160.-


other M42:

Auto Yashinon f2/5cm 55.-


Pentax K mount:

Kiron f2.8/28mm: 35.-


Sony E mount:

Sony SEL f2.8/16mm 100.-


Olympus OM mount:

Olympus H-Zuiko f2.8/24mm 150.-


Olympus Pen-F Zuikos:

f2.8/25mm 100.- some coating damage of rear element

f1.4/40mm 160.-

f3.5/100mm 90.-


Nikon F mount:

Nikkor-NC Auto f2.8/24mm 120.-

Nikkor-S Auto f1.4/50mm 70.-


Rollei QBM mount:

Voigtländer Color-Skoparex AR f2.8 28mm 50.-


Tamron Adaptall:

f2.5/28mm: 35.-


Canon LTM:

f1.8/50mm 80.- faint haze in one inner element, imo IQ not effected

f3.5/100mm 40.- some haze, usable but contrast loss when shot against light



Pentax AP, the "Original Pentax"


( unless otherwise specified ) in good to very good condition, ask for detail


prices in Euro, shipping worldwide

add shipping cost from Austria

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Travel photography from Asia at its best! Kuuan is an excellent photographer, versatile and talented, and he is a very nice guy, too. Good to have poeple like him on Flickr.

September 21, 2009

kuuan is just as like a magician of handling film-era manual lenses, creatinhadmirable bokeh! His photographs taken in digital with such classic lenses are simply breathtaking, and I believe I am not the only one who think this way.

May 16, 2011