I'm an archaeologist and GIS guy ["cartographer" also works]. I am American, and I travel overseas quite extensively for work, usually on long term cartographic survey projects. Most recently I spent 9 months in Laos, working at the "Plain of Jars". Right now I'm in New York City finishing up some map work from Egypt for publication. I hope you all can excuse any lack of photo updates from time to time - but I'm back now!


My interest in photography comes mostly from the realm of film/movies and cinematography, having at one time enjoying extensively studying these subjects [I also used to be a cinema Projectionist if that says anything]. So...for this reason I perhaps concentrate on landscape or architectural elements rather than people.


Camera[s] used:

Sony DSC-F717 [2003-2007]

Nikon D300 [2008+]


Hope you enjoy my photography. Send me a line sometime!


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