Born in Sedgley, which was then part of Staffordshire, as indeed were Wolverhampton, Walsall, Willenhall, West Bromwich and all the rest of the Black Country towns.


Lived primarily in Portobello, and on the Lucknow estate with my parents, but every so often when money was tight, sadly all too often, I was despatched to the Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire to live with my paternal grandfather.


After school I started off as a white collar worker in insurance, (yawn), but soon became bored with that, and adopted a more nomadic life style, joined the Army, then working in the Middle East, North East Africa, and long distance lorry driving all over the UK etc .


Finally after years of being foot loose and fancy free I returned to being a white collar worker, but this time in logistics management where I met my wife, who made an honest man of me.


We settled down in Willenhall (Humpshire) for five years, and then in Essington, Staffs, for thirteen years, at which point we decided to spend the 21st century away from the bustle and commotion of the Black Country, and took a bit of a flyer to move to the forest of my childhood in December 1999.


Joined Flickr in 2007 following the purchase of a cheap Nokia phone off the internet, for we discovered it had a camera too, and my word did I ever put that Nokia to work, and thus my interest in photography was kindled.


At this point I also began uploading our collection of family snaps, initially for when my nephew Oliver is old enough to appreciate them, and better understand his heritage.


However rather unexpectedly I found it being used by distant members of both our families, and interested strangers, some who have become firm friends, which has been wonderful for all concerned.


The images are a record of both our families going back to the first photo in 1878, plus photo's of odds and ends handed down, in case the original item is lost or destroyed, as often happens.


Following a few of years of happy snapping with the Nokia, our incredibly kind Flickr friends Wadey, and his wife Lynn, most generously gave us their 'old' Nikon pocket camera, after they had a new one for Christmas (2010).


So now the workman could no longer blame his camera/phone, not that he ever did actually, and to be fair if the Nokia never takes another photograph we will have had our moneys worth out of it, but the splendid Nikon was a real eye opener into the world of photography.


So much so that in June 2012, and after much debate and pondering, we invested in a Fujifilm S 4200 and am very pleased with it's zoom, x24 and the super macro, altogether a fine camera, although the video is not very good.


Sadly in early 2015 I dropped said camera from about 7 feet onto the very unforgiving ceramic tiled floor in our kitchen, not good!


I hasten to add it was not intentional, but due to my dominant hand having a spasm, a legacy of an industrial accident when my hand was crushed under a ton of cardboard which caused my enforced retirement at 62.


However my wife bought me a new camera for my birthday, and I am now the proud owner of a Canon Powershot SX60 HS, now all I need to do is read and understand the 300 page manual...


As with all grand designs that are impulsive the idea of building up a collection of our family images is constantly being modified with changing moods and happenings.


All I can say is that at present we are also using it as a diary of our life, firstly in the beautiful Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire where we used to live until we had itchy feet, again, and decided to move to France.


Following the sale of our lovely cottage in the Dean, we left England in June 2013, and began our search in Nouvelle-Aquitaine for our new home, which we found in the Haute Vienne department of that Region, and are very happily settling into the French way of life.


Lord knows what direction the ever increasing collection of photo's will be taking next, especially with so many incredibly beautiful scenes and vistas to capture in La Belle France, I believe the technical term is "developing organically", yeah right!


So if your interested then please enjoy, but do remember it is a family affair, please don't be that bloke, you know the one I mean!




NB for our security, unless you are designated a friend, you will not see all our images, so please be aware I will only consider extending my friendship if your name and details are filled in on your profile.


Oh, one last thing, whilst I am under no illusion as to the level of my photographic skills, if you did mark one of my photographs as a favourite it would be very nice if you made a comment too!

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it is rare to find some one with whom you have an immediate rapport, even when you have never met them. Geoff is one of those people. I am blessed to call him a friend.

January 3, 2013