(disclaimer:) Most of my stuff in [Paris,Eh? and Right, Guv, Barcelona, Chicago, etc.] is set up to be viewed as Slideshow (full screen) - with all the photoshopping I threw on 'em - just a suggestion - and for those of you on drugs..... well - nuff said! and in fact I've made VIDEOS of my "artwork" - here's the link: youtube.com/channel/UCD45k6Zds4CVhZY1w_-cj8A.

Musician: composer/no-longer performer/singer/songwriter/artist/goofball....

reader of books, watcher of baseball, worshipper of my cat...,

Joe Perry said it best! (ya know - NObody has EVER asked what Joe said.....)

I'm OVER 60 !!!! (for those who have to know that I'm over 18...)

small fetish.....

love Christmas - and puppers... (starts to sing)

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