hello my name is ___rei (better known as Lei) and i enjoy making, editing and ruining images.


my flickr contains my DSLR photography, my 'virtual' photography (i play a lot of games and take a lot of screenshots) & a lot of heavy and experimental image manipulations, edits, many iOS-made images, mixed media pictures & other extremely 'low brow' stuff


almost everything within my flickr is for my own amusement and i do it because it interests me and i find it fun, but that isn't to say i don't take my hobbies seriously... sometimes!


you can find all my social media links @ leitan.flavors.me or my blog @ leitan.ghost.io


if you would like to contact me, please either send me an FM or leave me a message on Skype on @ xxleitanxx - i do read all the messages and comments i receive but i can sometimes take some time to respond to them, so please be patient with me if you don't receive a reply immediately.


if follow me & you play Second Life & would like to hang out or have me take and edit your photo, send me a message with your username, because my SL name is not the same as any of my other online screen names.


if you have a Steam or PSN account you can also message me, again i do not use the same screen names there.


oh yeah, my flickr is sometimes extremely personal and may be NSFW at times as well. you have been warned.



i also mod/admin the following groups on flickr & would love it if you check them out:


www.flickr.com/groups/disquietdream | dark, surrealist, conceptual, macabre, etc - all media types accepted, all flickr rated images including 18+ are considered for acceptance.


www.flickr.com/groups/pastellia | colorful, psychedelic, pastel, dreamy mood - all media types accepted, up to flickr "moderate" images are considered for acceptance.


www.flickr.com/groups/shinkistyle | for Busou Shinki collectors who enjoy photographing their figures wearing custom clothing, outfits & coords - only photos accepted, only flickr "safe" images accepted, unlimited / free posting without any kind of submission review.


www.flickr.com/groups/occultdolls | for doll collectors to submit photos inspired by the occult, arcane, dark magic, etc. this was originally a "Tarot" themed group but the theme was too niche for the group to actively flourish so i am in the process of slowly revamping it for a broader theme in the hopes it will become active again.

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