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Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Scott McFadyen’s subject matter is diverse in content and scene, however his images are generally quiet depictions of liminal moments.


There is a tangible connection between his practice and the slow and continuous natural processes of his surrounding environment. The growth of the forest, turning of the tide, the polishing of rivers and canyons filled from melting snow pack and the uncatchable gaze of an ethereal subject. - IYL


The western coast of North America is a geographic treasure trove of nature’s abundant beauty. With the Pacific Ocean on one side and a series of mountain ranges and deep valleys bordering the other, the region offers unprecedented access to the full spectrum of landforms and climates. Photographer Scott McFadyen takes full advantage of his home in Vancouver, British Columbia by documenting everything from the rocky hillsides to arboreal islands set against the cold waters of the Pacific. Nature’s inherent geometry is at the forefront in McFadyen’s work, and he is skilled at carefully composing each shot to highlight natural structures. - Gestalten


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IYL 2015 Showcase - Exhibitor

F/F'13 - Short Listed

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